Seerat-un-Nabi (PBUH) - 3 Volume Set in Urdu

Seerat Un Nabvi (PBUH) - 3 Volume Set - Urdu

30 Hadith for Children Ages 6 - 12

30 Hadith for Children (Age 6 - 12)

365 Dua with Stories

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Embark on a spiritual adventure throughout the year with '365 Dua with Stories', a guide to daily prayers for children.

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Book Overview:

'365 Dua with Stories' by authors Ali KaraCam and Hasibe Sahin blends everyday storytelling with the powerful practice of dua (supplication), making for an inspirational daily read. This book, rich with vivid and colorful illustrations, captures the hearts of children, guiding them through the beauty and importance of calling upon Allah in various life situations. Through simple language, the book explains how the ordinary moments of life provide perfect opportunities for dua and gratitude towards the Creator.

Author Bio:

Ali KaraCam and Hasibe Sahin are noted for their contributions to Islamic children's literature, particularly in creating works that foster a strong connection with faith practices from a young age. Their collaboration on '365 Dua with Stories' has resulted in a compilation that serves as both a teaching tool and a source of comfort for children, introducing them to the concept of supplication in Islam. The author's expertise shines through their ability to convey complex spiritual concepts in a way that is both engaging and easily understood by young readers. 


Main Features:

  • Collection of 365 dua coupled with engaging stories relevant to children's lives.
  • Vivid and colorful illustrations that bring each story and prayer to life.
  • Stories are written in clear and accessible language suitable for children.
  • Each dua is framed within the context of daily experiences, emphasizing continuous remembrance of Allah.
  • Encourages children to understand and reflect upon the reasons for making dua.
  • Softcover format with a substantial weight of 0.839 kg, indicative of quality paper and printing.
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