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Musnad Imam Ahmad Bin Hanbal Vol. 1

Une Selection De 200 Hadiths Prophetiques - French

Une Selection De 200 Hadiths Prophetiques - French

60 Golden Hadiths for Children

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Teaching kids about the Prophet's way (PBUH) and his sayings (Hadiths) early is a good thing. It helps them learn Islamic values and how to live by them.This book teaches kids about the Prophet Muhammad's wisdom (PBUH). it simplifies key Hadiths, fostering moral growth with engaging illustrations.

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"60 Golden Hadiths for Children" is a remarkable book designed to introduce young minds to the profound wisdom of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). It is a compendium of carefully selected Hadiths that have been simplified and presented in a manner that children can easily comprehend and memorize.

In essence, this book serves as a bridge that connects young hearts to the illuminating guidance of the Holy Prophet (PBUH), fostering their moral and spiritual growth. Teaching our children the Hadiths at an early age is invaluable, for these golden words of wisdom are a roadmap to a virtuous life, deeply ingrained with love, empathy, and kindness.

Abdul Malik Mujahid: The Guiding Light Behind This Book
The book is the brainchild of Abdul Malik Mujahid, a distinguished author who has devoted his life to the propagation of Islamic teachings. His discerning knowledge and nuanced understanding of the Hadiths have helped shape this book into an invaluable resource for imparting Islamic teachings to children. He has brilliantly succeeded in presenting profound concepts in a way that engages young readers and stirs their interest in learning more about the Prophet's life and teachings.

Synopsis: A Journey Through Prophet's (PBUH) Teachings
"60 Golden Hadiths for Children" is a captivating journey through the teachings of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). It houses 60 child-friendly Hadiths, complete with lucid translations and references. The simplicity and clarity of the content enable young minds to easily understand and memorize these Hadiths.

What makes this book truly unique is its delightful blend of text and vibrant illustrations. The colorful images and graphics stimulate the imagination of children, allowing them to connect with the teachings and instilling a sense of excitement in their learning process. As a testament to its relevance and popularity, the book has been incorporated into the syllabus of many schools, further reinforcing its impact on nurturing spirituality in children.

Noteworthy Features

  • 60 thoughtfully chosen, child-friendly Hadiths.
  • Clear translations and references for every Hadith.
  • Eye-catching illustrations and images that make learning fun and engaging.
  • The book has been acknowledged and incorporated into the syllabi of numerous schools.
  • Available in both English and Urdu to reach a broader audience.


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