A Book of Numbers 1 to 10

A Book of Numbers 1 to 10

A to Z of Akhlaaq Moral Values For Children

A to Z of Akhlaaq Moral Values For Children

A Cruel Joke

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While describing the creation of man, this book also emphasizes the need of using proper words with each other while the children are playing, joking or simply talking, so that they may avoid creating harsh feelings among others that may lead to quarrels and disputes between them.

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Language English
ISBN 9789960892238
Pages 32
Author(s) Nayeem Ahmed Baloch
Publisher Darussalam
Book Size 17x24
Book Cover Soft

Book Overview:

Author Nayeem Ahmed Baloch masterfully transports readers back in time with his intriguing book, "A Cruel Joke (Story Of The First Man)." Portraying the initial stages of humanity, this narrative ventures into the realms of beginnings, self-discovery, and purpose in an easy-to-understand manner.

Key Points:

The Start of Mankind: Baloch invites readers into a vivid exploration of the first man's life, navigating the unknowns from the dawning days of human evolution.

Surviving The Wild: Baloch illustrates the first man's survival strategies in a primitive world, reflecting humanity's undying resilience and adaptability.

Discovery of Emotions and Relationships: The book is a journey into the first experience of human emotions, from joy and fear to love and sorrow.  It decorates the initial steps towards socialization, highlighting the root of human relationships.


The Birth of Morality:The narrative questions how the first concepts of right and wrong sparked, inspiring readers to consider the origins of their moral code.

Life's Cruel Joke or the Path to Enlightenment: Wrapping the rich narrative is an introspective musing on the possibility of life as a cruel joke, prompting self-realization and personal growth in the first man.

About the Author:

Nayeem Ahmed Baloch is a renowned writer, known for crafting narratives that encourage introspection and stimulate imaginative thinking. His work helps readers understand their existence, moral compass, and interpersonal connections on a deeper level.

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