A Brief Look Upon Islam

A Brief Look Upon Islam

Excellence of Patience & Gratefulness

Excellence of Patience & Gratefulness

Affection and Aversion

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Understand the Islamic perspective on human emotions with the profound insights presented in "Affection and Aversion" by Darussalam Research Center. This enlightening guide provides readers with the tools to navigate the complexities of their feelings and relationships within the framework of Islamic teachings, ultimately leading to spiritual growth and life in line with Allah’s guidance.

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Language English
Pages 32
Author(s) Darussalam Research Center
Publisher Darussalam
Book Size 12x17
Book Cover Hard

More About Affection and Aversion Book

Unravel the complexities of human emotions through the foundational understanding provided in "Affection and Aversion" by Darussalam Research Center. 

About the Author:

The Darussalam Research Center excels in exploring and explaining complex Islamic principles in an easy-to-understand manner. Published by Darussalam, a renowned name in Islamic literature, "Affection and Aversion" is an indispensable resource for anyone desiring to comprehend, control, and align their emotions with Islamic teachings.

Highlights Inside the Book include:

    • Understanding Affection and Aversion: Learn about the profound impact and influence of love and dislike within an Islamic context.
    • Guidance From Holy Scriptures: Explore fundamental teachings from the Holy Quran and Hadith that guide the regulation and channeling of emotions.
    • Balancing Emotions: Uncover the importance of maintaining an emotional balance, fostering feelings in harmony with Islam, and avoiding those conflicting with Islamic teachings.
    • The Role of Intention: Discover the significance of right intentions in developing feelings of love and rightful aversion.
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