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An Inspiration to the World

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"An Inspiration to the World" is a profound exploration of the Seerah, more than just a traditional biography. Diving deeper into understanding its essence, the author Dr. Aid Al Qarni presents connective narratives of the Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) to imbue everyday life with wisdom and guidance.

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SKU E20796
Language English
ISBN 9786039177234
Author(s) Dr. Aid Al Qarni
Publisher Darussalam
Book Size 17x24
Book Cover Hard

An Inspiration to The World Book's Overview

"An Inspiration to the World," published by Darussalam, is a unique blend of insightful scholarship and profound storytelling. Distinguished from other books about the biography of Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W), 'An Inspiration to the World' provides windows to the Sunnah, the Prophet's way of life, and his universal, timeless message.

About the Author:

The author, Dr. Aid Al Qarni, devotes his expansive knowledge and deep understanding to creating a work that transcends being merely a conventional biography. Instead, the book engages the reader in a contemplative and intimate journey with the Prophet, a journey filled with divine inspiration and prophetic wisdom, unfurling the spirit of the Seerah and shining light on its objectives, uniqueness, and benefits.

More to Learn:

  • Dive into the powerful narratives of the Prophet's life.
    • Experience his journey as an orphan.
    • Discover his role as a Prophet.
    • Understand his image as a man of mercy.
    • Witness his position as the harbinger of glad tidings.
    • Learn from his teachings.
    • Value his contributions as a reformer, and more.
  • Embark on a half-century-long journey alongside the inspiration to the world.
  • View the book as more than just a description of the past.
    • Embrace it as a way of life.
    • Acknowledge it as a testament to honor.
    • Respond to its call to salvation.
    • Take part in its project of reform.
    • Accept its message of Tawheed.
  • This book acts as an essential guide aligning everyday lives with the tenets of faith, drawn from the profound ocean of the Prophet's Sunnah.
  • Experience an inspiring book like no other, making it a heartfelt tribute to the Prophet.
  • Use it as a beacon guiding you towards a new enriched life filled with a deeper faith and understanding.

Major Topics of The Book 

    • Muhammad ﷺ An Inspiration
    • Muhammad ﷺ The Orphan
    • Muhammad ﷺ The Prophet
    • Muhammad ﷺ The Great man
    • Muhammad ﷺ The Man of Mercy
    • Muhammad ﷺ The Man of Forbearance
    • Muhammad ﷺ The Generous Man
    • Muhammad ﷺ The Optimist
    • Muhammad ﷺ The Content
    • Muhammad ﷺ The Man of Patience
    • Muhammad ﷺ The Grateful
    • Muhammad ﷺ The Facilitator
    • Muhammad ﷺ The Bringer of Glad Tidings
    • Muhammad ﷺ The Beloved
    • Muhammad ﷺ The Blessed
    • Muhammad ﷺ The Teacher
    • Muhammad ﷺ The Reformer
    • Muhammad ﷺ The Beautiful
    • Muhammad ﷺ The Conqueror
    • Muhammad ﷺ The Successful
    • Muhammad ﷺ The Man of Excellence (muhsin)
    • Muhammad ﷺ The Happy and Joyful
    • Muhammad ﷺ The Leader
    • Muhammad ﷺ The Just and Fair
    • Muhammad ﷺ The Caller to Allah
    • Muhammad ﷺ The Ascetic (zaahid)

"An Inspiration to the World" serves as an amalgam of theology, history, and life lessons. Shop now to learn more and enlighten your path with Prophet's (S.A.W) life.

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