LED Speaker Quran Lamp 2

LED Speaker Quran Lamp 2

Azal Azan Cock AC 886C

Azal Azan Cock AC 886C

Azal Azan Clock Makkah Shape AC 2028

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Elevate your prayer experience with Mirac Auto 8-Azan Alarm Prayer Clock: 2000 Cities Islamic Reminder, Delta function, and more!
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Age Groups 10 - 13 Years

Mirac Auto 8 Kind of Full Azan Alarm Prayer Clock , 2000 Cities Islamic Prayer Reminder. MIRAC Ezan Saati / Gebetsuhr / Azan Clock Otomatik Ezan Saati

Exclusive Features.

Delta function, allows you to adjust the actual praying time till + (-)90 minutes

After Azan Prayer Doaa and Turkish meaning after,

Features Engineered and designed in Germany.

2000 cities azan world time.Big Display with easy to read features.

8-Different azan types (Turkish,Makkah,Madinah,Eghypt/Misr,-Al-Aqsa,Indonesia and Morocco)

Simultaneous display of the Gregorian calendar and Hijri-

All praying times on screen, Qibla Direction built into the display

Daily and Auto Alarm, Temperature C/F, Full Screen Back Blue Lighting.

Daylight Saving Time for Summer/Winter time with one button (DST)

Snooze and Volume control switch

Battery Included with the Clock and also Included-Optional DC Power adapter to use without Battery or as Backup.

Dimensions (LxWxH): 17 x 11.5 x 6 cm

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