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Be Steadfast

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"Be Steadfast! (From Golden Advice Series)" is part of a collection offering guidance from Islamic teachings, focusing on Prophet Muhammad's advice to Sufyaan ibn Abdullaah.

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Language English
Author(s) Darussalam Research Center
Publisher Darussalam
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Book Overview

"Be Steadfast! (From Golden Advice Series)" compiled by Darussalam Research Division and published by Darussalam. This book is part of The Golden Advice Series, a collection of books dedicated to providing advice and guidance from the noble teachings of Islam (the Quran and Sunnah). With its easy-to-read format, this book offers valuable insights and practical advice on various aspects of faith, morals, and business ethics.

This book focuses on the Prophet's (PBUH) advice to Sufyaan ibn Abdullaah, concluding with the powerful call to action, "...Be Steadfast!"

Purchase your copy of "Be Steadfast! (From Golden Advice Series)" from Darussalamstore today and embark on a transformative journey towards steadfastness in your faith.


    1. Discover the importance of steadfastness (Al-Istiqaamah) in your journey of faith and the role it plays in maintaining a strong connection with Allah.
    2. Learn about the significance of affirming the oneness of Allah (Laa ilaha illallah) and the conditions that accompany this declaration.
    3. Explore the deeds that exemplify steadfastness, such as turning towards the Quran, adhering to Allah's laws, and studying the stories of the Prophets for guidance.
    4. This book also emphasizes the importance of self-improvement and acquiring the qualities that enable you to remain steadfast on the righteous path.
    5. It encourages building confidence in your chosen path, seeking support from like-minded individuals, and relying on the help of Allah for guidance and assistance.

Whether you are a beginner or someone seeking to deepen your understanding and practice of Islam, "Be Steadfast!" is a valuable resource that will inspire and motivate you toward a steadfast and fulfilling spiritual journey.

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