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Baby's First Quran Stories - English

Bismillah - Stairway to Heaven - Book 2

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Join an enriching spiritual adventure with "Bismillah Book 2 (Stairway to Heaven)" by Manal Shehab, a beautifully illustrated journey through Islamic teachings for children.

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Book Overview:

"BismillahBook 2 (Stairway to Heaven)" is a vibrant continuation of Manal Shehab's delightful series aimed at introducing young readers to the core concepts of Islam. Imbued with Zeynep Haydan's captivating illustrations, this book stands out as a gem in Islamic literature for children, combining simplicity and depth to spark curiosity about faith. Through rhyming texts and glossy, engaging visuals, the book explores basic Islamic teachings, making it a valuable addition to any child's collection of spiritual resources. Each page invites the reader into a world where Islamic values are beautifully intertwined with everyday lessons, creating a foundation for a life guided by the principles of deen.

Author Bio:

Manal Shehab is an acclaimed author of Islamic children's literature, known for her engaging approach to teaching Islamic values and concepts. Her work stands out for its creative storytelling and commitment to providing young readers with a gentle introduction to the beauty of Islam. Coupled with the artistic talents of illustrator Zeynep Haydan, Shehab's books are a treasure trove of Islamic wisdom presented in a format that's both appealing and educational. "BismillahBook 2 (Stairway to Heaven)" reflects Shehab's passion for nurturing faith and understanding through storytelling, making her writings a cherished addition to any child's growing understanding of Islam.



Main Features:

  • Engaging Content: Features a unique Islamic concept in simple, rhyming text that captivates young minds.
  • Stunning Illustrations: Zeynep Haydan's colorful artwork enriches the narrative, making each lesson visually memorable.
  • Educational Tool: Offers parents and educators a resource to introduce Islamic concepts in an accessible, enjoyable manner.
  • Quality Production: Glossy board book format ensures durability for repeated use in homes and educational settings.
  • Series Collection: Part of an 8-book series, allowing for a comprehensive exploration of Islamic principles for young readers.
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