Signs Before the Day of Judgement

Minor and Major Signs Before the Day of Judgement (Qiyamah)

Do you sometimes think about what are indicators telling you the day of Judgement day is closer? This is a question many people would ask. The significance of this is that knowing these signs aids in improving our understanding of the world. We witness dishonesty, and natural disasters in our environment, don’t we? We call these “minor signs.”

However, it also includes Dajjal and the arrival of Jesus. These are the “major signs.” We will discuss them all here, as well as why we need to recognize them. Let's explore together!

Smaller Signs of The Day - English

Minor Signs Before the Day of Judgement

The Day of Judgment has its own “minor signs”, some of them are quite perceptible, i.e., sounds like soft whispers, signaling an important process in Islamic eschatology. While small and trivial happenings in our immediate environment often seem insignificant, they actually teach us about how our life is evolving constantly.

These are the signs that increase our understanding which also compels us to think about our roles in the ultimate travel that leads toward the Day of Judgement.

A. Social Signs

1. Increase in immorality and indecency:

Picture yourself moving around and observing such bad behavior by people. This raises the question of whether they are doing something bad or are they not nice enough. This is precisely what one would call the rise of immorality and obscenity. It is just like they should be more considerate of other’s feelings and also show them respect.

2. Prevalence of dishonesty and deceit:

Do you know anyone who has lied their way through a situation just to get what they want? This is common in situations where there are social problems. Sometimes people may never tell the whole truth or lie which will make others lose faith in them.

3. Erosion of trust between people:

The act of trust is the strongest support for relationships among people. It is the reason we trust other people will be honest and keep their promises. The breakdown of trust is a signal that individuals may no longer be certain about each other. Such a situation can also discourage communities’ ability to collaborate as well as the development of relationships and friendships.

B. Natural Signs

1. Increase in earthquakes and natural disasters:

Have you ever experienced the earth trembling or an earthquake? It is a very strong and natural force. An increase in earthquakes and natural disasters simply means that these great occurrences are happening too frequently. It’s as if the creation is whispering to us that it is necessary for humans to care about the earth.

2. Changes in the environment and climate patterns:

Imagine the environment that surrounds you – your trees, the sky, animals, and many other things. All of them rely on a balance in an environment. However, there are instances when things change due to what we do to Earth. It may also become hotter or cooler than what it was previously, and seasonal changes will no longer be the way they were before. By this, we refer to environmental and weather pattern changes.

3. Spread of diseases and pandemics:

People come across some diseases or plagues such as COVID 19 which is also a sign of Judgement Day. It involves the spreading of diseases and pandemics where such illnesses can move fast and reach many individuals. We have to maintain good health and keep an eye on each other.

C. Religious Signs

1. Decrease in religious knowledge and understanding:

Are there any doubts that you hold in your religion? Learn and know what your faith entails. A reduction in religious knowledge refers to less information that one needs to have on his/her religion. Forgetting here is like forgetting the vital lessons that educate us on what it means to be honest and considerate.

2. Abandonment of religious obligations:

Most religions also give specific instructions for a follower to follow in terms of things such as praying and being good to others. An abandonment of religious obligation refers to a situation where people stop caring and remember important actions. It’s like going against the guidelines that should improve our behavioral traits as humans.

3. Rise of false prophets and misguided sects:

One could purport to have some divine insight into spirituality and its doctrine, yet, their instruction would be fake, incorrect, or incompatible with what is rightfully considered righteousness. This is what we call false prophets. They misguide people. The misguided sects, compromise individuals or a group of people holding different views other than what is considered to be correct. One has to be cautious and derive information from credible authorities.

D. Technological Signs

1. Advancements in technology and communication:

Now, think of the tremendous change in the world we have witnessed as it used to be centuries ago. Computers, phones, and the Internet are our outstanding inventions. These are developments made in the field of telecommunication. Almost feels like having a superpower that allows one to communicate and reach out to the whole universe.

2. Widespread access to information and knowledge:

Have you ever asked yourself a question, searched for information related to it online, and immediately discovered an answer? This is because we possess a lot of information within arms reach. In other words, almost anything else becomes learn worthy. It is as if you have a library of giants that you can visit while still at home.

3. Abuse of technology for unethical purposes:

Although technology has positive sides, there are instances when it might be utilized improperly. Can you imagine what if somebody used a computer in order to damage or cheat on other people? This is the use of technology for unethical ends and hence constitutes the abuse of technology. Technology must be used by us with responsibility and humanity.

Major Signs Before the Day of Judgement

Signs before the major day of Judgement are as highways for big occasions which will happen just a few days away from an important day in the Islamic faith. The deep events that are being witnessed here have huge implications for us as human beings regarding what our final fate is going to be.

A. Emergence of Dajjal (The Antichrist)

1. Description and characteristics of Dajjal:

There is a figure known as Dajjal in the Islamic eschatology. Sometimes he is referred to as an individual who will come at the end of the world/day to confuse other people and lead them astray. It is believed that Dajjal can do wonders and he will be a strong deceiver. He might look like a charming leader at first, but let us be clear about that – he is definitely not on our side.

2. His trials and tribulations for humanity:

It is believed that all that Dajjal will come with shall be accompanied by many difficulties. He can promise people all sorts of things for him and pass on misinformation. This will be an epoch of great chaos and agony for those who have failed to prepare and understand him for what he truly is.

3. The eventual defeat of Dajjal by Isa (Jesus), peace be upon him:

The story of Dajjal holds great hope. At that moment there will be a re-appearance of Isa (A.S) in the world. This will be instrumental in the final downfall of Dajjal. With the help of Allah, Issa will lead people to triumph over the fake power. This occasion marks the victory of truth and good over lies and wickedness.

B. Return of Isa (Jesus), Peace Be Upon Him

1. The circumstances of his return:

In Islam beliefs, the return of Isaa (A.S) or Jesus Christ is an event that awaits all believers. Thus, he shall come back in peace into the troubled world. Upon his return, humanity will once again find solace and direction. The prophet sends Isa back to earth with the purpose of enlightening people during their darkest hours as an undeniable mark of the mercy and superior wisdom of Allah.

2. His mission to establish justice and truth:

Isa’s coming after peace be upon him, is meant for a reason. He will toil day and night for justice and truth in the world. They will serve under him, who shall rule with wisdom and love, enlightening the whole of humanity. His teachings will emphasize the fact that one should be kind, honest, and a servant of Allah.

3. His eventual passing away and burial:

Then he will die, being fulfilled by having completed his mission. His earthly life will be over but his legacy shall remain. He shall receive the last respects, and his legacy will live on to motivate future generations after him.

C. Emergence of Ya'juj and Ma'juj (Gog and Magog)

1. Description and characteristics of Ya'juj and Ma'juj:

Yajuj and Majuj, which is another name for Gog Magog, are people who will emerge prior to the day of reckoning in Islamic eschatology. The group is typically referred to as a formidable force and innumerable said to wreak havoc and play pranks. This is because they have a destructive quality which allows them to spread corruption easily.

2. Their impact on the world and humanity:

Their presence will be remarkable when ya’juj and ma’juj are released in the world. They will conquer the whole earth by leaving trails of death and disorder behind. Communities and nations will feel their power and it will put into question the safety of societies.

3. The eventual intervention by Allah to eliminate them:

At last, Allah will have come to rescue human lives from such fearful menace. Thereafter, a spiritual strike that is divinely ordained shall wipe out Ya’juj and Ma’juj and their rule over anarchy. Allah shall show that He is the almighty lord and that Allah protects only the good doers through this intervention.

D. The Sun Rising from the West

1. The significance of this major sign:

The rising of the sun in the Western direction has an important meaning for Muslim scholars. It is a great milestone that clearly shows an important trend in the history of mankind. The happening of this event is pre-destined and should be clearly acknowledged by everyone as one sure sign of when our Doomsday will come and shall nevermore return in all eternity. A great reminder that Allah is almighty. It is also a reminder that this world is temporal.

2. Its implications for humanity:

It means that the Sun will be arising from the west, and this has inferences on everyone. It is a sign of irrevocability in change as it beckons for a period of introspection. This is the last call for them that they can go to the right path by repenting and turning back. It’s a time for people to appreciate that the existence of the life after follows this world and hence everything they do ought to impact positively or negatively on their lives to come.

The Importance of Reflecting on These Signs

A. Strengthening Faith and Belief

Knowing about the signs before the Day of Judgement provides evidence for how true Islamic teachings are. It's like having a GPS that guides us through life's journey. When we see these signs happening around us, it bolsters our belief that what we find in the Quran and Hadith is true and was given to us by Allah. It’s a warm source of comfort that helps us keep our faith where it should be.

Understanding the signs before the Day of Judgement motivates us to be stronger in our religious practices. It’s like knowing there’s a finish line in a race - we become more determined to stay on the right path. We pray, fast, give to those in need, and do good deeds with greater commitment. This steadfastness helps us stay strong in our faith even when faced with challenges.

B. Reminders for Personal Accountability

Signs are a subtle reminder that everything is temporary. It's like a heads-up that we don’t have all the time in the world, and we should make the most of what we have. Reflecting like this helps us get our priorities straight and focus on what really matters. We become more aware of the way we treat others and start valuing kindness, love, and compassion over material things because they’re seen as more valuable in the eyes of Allah.


The knowledge of signs before the Day of Judgment enables us to have a sense of what happens around us. This assists us in pointing out our weaknesses as well as giving us reasons to believe more. Learning of both the minor and major symptoms, one may think of it as a life handbook. It tells us to be nice, truthful, and caring. Therefore, let’s think about these signs and attempt to live justly. Explore our collection of the best Islamic books

FAQs Related to Major & Minor Signs

What is the significance of knowing the signs before the Day of Judgement?

It is important for us to know these signals, as they enable us to define the condition, in which we are living and indicate our duties towards society. Our beliefs get strong and they push us towards leading a good life in preparation for the eternal.

How can we differentiate between minor and major signs?

Minor signs are smaller events or changes that occur gradually, while major signs are more profound and include significant events like the coming of Dajjal and the return of Isa (Jesus).

Are the signs mentioned in the Quran and Hadiths specific events or symbolic representations?

Some of the signs may contain specific descriptions while others may involve symbols or codes. Based on scholars’ textual analyses and information, they give interpretations of the texts.

What can we do to prepare for the Day of Judgement in light of these signs?

Our energy should be spent on developing strong faith, doing good things, and asking for forgiveness for the sins we committed. We should endeavor not only to live but also make proper use of it according to the preaches of Islam throughout our existence.

Is it possible to predict the exact time of the Day of Judgement based on these signs?

Not, it is only Allah Almighty who knows what time it will be that of Resurrection day. These signs are our reminder that this is not our permanent home and therefore we should live righteous lives here on earth.