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An Inspiration To The World

Dr. Aid al-Qarni (Author),   Darussalam (Publisher)
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About the Book

An Inspiration to the World is not a repetition of what has already been written about the Seerah, or an imitation of those who have written on this topic before me. It is not a collection of quotations or a list of reports. Rather it is based on reflection and contemplation of those reports, aimed at presenting the spirit of the Seerah and connecting it to people's everyday lives, by diving deep into its ocean, trying to discover its secrets, show its lights, highlight its objectives, display its uniqueness and discuss its benefits.

This book is unique and different from other Seerah books like Sealed Nector, Golden Seerah by Abdul Malik Mujahid, As- Seerah by Dr. As-Sallabi, As- Seerah by Dr. Mahdi Rizq-ul-Allah and many others, Because these books are about the biography of the prophet Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W) ,his childhood, Life before Prophethood, Life in Makkah, Life in Madinah, etc.

These books are also informative and useful but  “An inspiration to the world”  is different from all such books. An Inspiration to the World is a record of the Sunnah, a biography of one who was the greatest example, a way of life, a book of manners, a covenant of honor, a call to salvation, a project of reform, a message of Tawheed, and a call to a new life.

An Inspiration to the World is the story of a Prophet and Messenger of Allah, a biography of one who was infallible, a historical record of the mercy whom Allah sent to the world, a great blessing, in which you will find divine inspiration, prophetic breezes, the greatest miracle, the momentous news, and the final, eternal message.

An Inspiration to the World represents the journey of half a century, in which the author accompanied the one who was an inspiration to the world r by night and by day, at home and when traveling, in private and in public, at times of hardship and times of ease. The author spent his life studying his noble Sunnah and biography, and he realized that he should pay his dues and fulfill the covenant, by undertaking the duty to convey and promote his Sunnah and to spread his message.


Book Content 

  • Muhammad  An Inspiration
  • Muhammad  The Orphan
  • Muhammad  The Prophet
  • Muhammad  The Great man
  • Muhammad  The Man of Mercy
  • Muhammad  The Man of Forbearance
  • Muhammad  The Generous Man
  • Muhammad  The Optimist
  • Muhammad  The Content
  • Muhammad  The Man of Patience
  • Muhammad  The Grateful
  • Muhammad  The Facilitator
  • Muhammad  The Bringer of Glad Tidings
  • Muhammad  The Beloved
  • Muhammad  The Blessed
  • Muhammad  The Teacher
  • Muhammad  The Reformer
  • Muhammad  The Beautiful
  • Muhammad  The Conqueror
  • Muhammad  The Successful
  • Muhammad  The Man of Excellence (muhsin)
  • Muhammad  The Happy and Joyful
  • Muhammad  The Leader
  • Muhammad  The Just and Fair
  • Muhammad  The Caller to Allah
  • Muhammad  The Ascetic (zaahid)
  • Muhammad  The Faithful
  • Muhammad  The Truthful
  • Muhammad  The Trustworthy 
  • Muhammad  The Courageous
  • Muhammad  The Humble
  • Muhammad  Smiling and Laughing
  • Muhammad  Weeping
  • Muhammad  The Eloquent
  • Muhammad  The Husband
  • Muhammad  The Father
  • Muhammad  The Monotheist
  • Muhammad  The Devoted Worshipper
  • Muhammad  Praying
  • Muhammad  Praying Tahajjud
  • Muhammad  The Charitable
  • Muhammad  Fasting
  • Muhammad  The Pilgrim
  • Muhammad  Reciting Qur’an 
  • Muhammad  Remembering Allah Constantly
  • Muhammad  Conversing with His Lord
  • Muhammad  Seeking Forgiveness
  • Muhammad  The Traveler
  • Muhammad  Migrating
  • Muhammad  Visiting People
  • Muhammad  Bidding Farewell
  • Blessings and Peace
  • Conclusion



Weight (kg) 1.5000 Publisher Darussalam
Author Dr. Aid al-Qarni Language English
Book Color 4 Color Book Book Cover Hard Cover
Age Groups 10 - 13 Years, Adults, Young Adults
ISBN 9786039177234 Pages 771
Weight (kg) 1.5000
Publisher Darussalam
Author Dr. Aid al-Qarni
Language English
Book Color 4 Color Book
Book Cover Hard Cover
Age Groups 10 - 13 Years, Adults, Young Adults
ISBN 9786039177234
Pages 771
Shaykh Dr. Aa’id al Qarni is a renowned Saudi scholar, author, poet, and activist. He devoted himself to preaching, visited many countries, attended dozens of conferences, and authored more than eighty books, the most famous of which is the book “Do not be sad” which has sold more than 10 million copies, his last but not the least valuable book is “An Inspiration to the World”.

What Readers Says About this Book


14 Reviews

Bakhtiaar Algari -June 03,2022

If you want to improve your personality and general behavior with people, this is perfect book for you. 'Inspiration for the World' tells you a lot about the Prophet Muhammadﷺ and his personality along with the way he treated the people around him and that is amazing. It helped me control my anger and improve my general behavior with people. A Must Read Book, I must tell you that getting to know the life of our Holy Prophet has its own benefits

Abdelgadir Gami-June 19,2022

Read this book and just close your eyes and you will find yourself in the land of golden sands where the caravan of camels roamed. What made it even better was the fact that it removed all the misconceptions the media were mocking about Muslims and their Holy Prophet. If you are a non-Muslim looking to learn about Islam, this book tells you everything you need to know with real references. Try it, it's worth every penny !

Qadeem Alfaisal -June 28 ,2022

The book "Inspiration for the World" is one of the best books I've read on the biography of the Holy Prophet Muhammadﷺ. It explains in detail all the events that happened in his life and also provides details of the wars fought by Muslims during the era of our Noble Prophet Muhammadﷺ. I loved reading every page of this book

Aabdar Askand-May 02,2022

Asslam o Alikum to all the brothers and sisters ! As a Muslim, praise be to Allah Almighty, I would like to say that knowing the life of our Noble Prophet and its deep knowledge is necessary for each of us as Allah Almighty says in the Noble Qur’an Follow the path of the beloved Prophet, so you will be my beloved like that By reading this beautiful book, we can practice following the footsteps of the Prophet, which is the Sunnah and the only way to succeed in this world and the hereafter. Jazak'Allah Khair

All Reviews

Ibad ur Rehman -July 13, 2022

This book is Amazing ! It will make your Life Happier. Author has shown His true Love to ourBeloved Prophet (s.a.w.) ! A must buy The best part is, everything is authentic in this book

Imman Fatima -July 01, 2022

Highly Recommended for any level of reader, a MUST HAVE Book

Somia Albari -July 02, 2022

Beautiful book with amazing paper quality. Content of the book is very good and will be helpful in daily life. Delivery was very fast and the book was properly wrapped Recommended

Ebrahim -July 02, 2022

Nice book I have ordered this and was amazing experience thank you Darussalam

Saaleha -July 02, 2022

i have read this book by Darussalam it is so good...quality of paper is this publisher house

Maamoona algari -July 07, 2022

Ordered ‘An inspiration to the World’ from Darussalam, the book paper and printing is excellent

Fahreezan -July 07, 2022

Great book on the life of Prophet Muhammad PBUH

Khalil alghami -July 09, 2022

One of the best biographies of the prophet Muhammad (صلى الله عليه وسلم)

Safiyaldin -July 10, 2022

I observe that this channel is useful for easy access to the islamic book world. Spreading knowledge around the world with very early response with responsibility.

Esmaeel -July 13, 2022

The author is a famous scholar. I have been looking for this book. Darussalam print is always great.