Arabic at our children's hands: (Teacher 7)

Dr. Abdul Rahman bin Ibrahim Al-Fawzan (author) , Arabic For All (publisher)

Arabic at our children's hands: (Teacher 6)

Arabic at our children's hands: (Teacher 6)

Arabic at our children's hands: (Teacher 8)

Arabic at our children's hands: (Teacher 8)

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Teacher Books

They are twelve books covering all parts of the Series. They include the guidelines, methods, and educational elements of each lesson as well as the exercise answers. They go step by step and by page with the student’s books. They provide the teacher with a variety of methods, procedures, and suggestions that will enable him/her to teach each page of the student’s books in an effective manner leading to the best outcome. They also cover the answers of exercises included in the student’s book. Each teacher's book includes the student's book of the same level, in minimized pages so that the teacher finds it easy to follow the student's educational material with no need to carry the student's book.

Each teacher’s book brings benefits, including:

  • General guidelines for the teacher, including the language teaching methods to the non-natives and the presentation methods of language skills and elements
  • Suggestions for performing exercises on each level and additional activities.
  • Solutions of the exercises in the student’s books.
  • Answers to the test questions in the student’s books.
  • Texts of listening.
  • Introduction to each unit’s structures, vocabulary, sounds, and presentation methods of all types of vocabulary.
  • Introduction to the objectives of each unit and the subject of each text, and the presentation method.
  • Description of the unit structures.
  • Moreover, the teacher's books include (226) general guidelines for the teacher on the class management and advices on the teaching of language and its skills, elements, and tests. They also include an overview of the necessary aspects of the Applied Linguistics and language teaching..
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