Azal Azan Clock AC-203-V

Azal (publisher)

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- Auto Islamic AZAN Clock with Qibla Direction
- 2000 Cities AZAN Times & World Times
- 8 Kinds of Full AZAN (Makkah, Madinah, Egyptian, Al-Aqsa, Turkish, Indonesian, Moroccan & Malaysian) & Doaa
- 5 Pray Times on Screen With Full AZAN Automatically
- Qibla Direction & Distance
- Display Hijiri And Gergorian Calendars Simultaneously
- Temperature ( C / F )
- Daily Alarm
- Auto Alarm
- Daylight Saving Time
- Delta Function
- Snooze
- Volume Control Switch
- DC Jack For Power Supply
- Full Screen Light
- Look Key Function
- Programming New Auto City
- Low Power Indicator
- 5 Languages for Time Announcement (Arabic, English, French, German, Turkish) For Blind People Thru Clapping Hands
- SHAPE : Rectangle
- Special Features : Wide Screen Display, Prayer Alarm, Temperature Screen, Hijiri/Gregorian Calendar, Qibla Direction, City, Date & Time, and 5 Languages for Time Announcement For Blind People Thru Clapping Hands
- Face Color : Dark Wooden
- Line Color : Dark Wooden
- LCD Light Screen Color : Blue
- Digital LCD Screen
- Power Source : DC Adap (6V , 300mA) Not including
- 4 AA Battery Included for Power

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