Bearing True Witness of Islam

Dr. Laurence B. Brown (author) , Darussalam (publisher)

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Dr. Brown is a practicing ophthalmologist, a revert to Islam, and the author of several ground-breaking books of Islamic Dawa (i.e., invitation). His first book, The First and Final Commandment, is a comprehensive argument in support of the Islamic claim of continuity of revelation. This present book, Bearing True Witness, is designed to assist the new convert in navigating the more controversial issues of their new, chosen religion of Islam.

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  1. Beautiful book

    " I was a bit apprehensive when reading this book beacuse of the current stigma surrounding Isalm in the west. However I found the book really enlightning and highlighted the importance of the Quran and difference between Shaih and Sunni Muslims. This is a great book for those considering to convert or even just to add more knowldege. A must read for all looking to gain knowldge about Islam."
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