Fortress of Muslim

Saeed bin Ali bin Wahf Al-Qahtani (author) , Darussalam (publisher)

Zindagi Se Lutf Uthaye (Hard Cover)
 - زندگي سے لطف اٹهائيں

Zindagi Se Lutf Uthaye (Hard Cover) - زندگي سے لطف اٹهائيں

Heroes of Islam

Heroes of Islam

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Hisn-ul-Muslim is brief and comprehensive collection of supplications that Muslims may recite on certain occasions/events. This best selling compilation by Darussalam Publishers has the following in it.

  • 267 prayers, supplications and invocations for different daily life occasions, events, and times.
  • Each prayer is written in Arabic script with Urdu translation.
  • Only texts of Dua with short references to the source.
  • Portable, easy to understand and memorize content.

A compilation by Said bin Ali bin Wahaf Al-Qahtani, Hisn-ul-Muslim is an abridged version of his previous works. Here, he chose to mention only the text of Duas (to be recited/remembered) instead of the entire Hadith. The references list has also been shortened to one or two. In other words, this book provides required spiritual support to Muslim brothers and sisters in performing their daily activities.

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  1. Easy to Understand

    "An excellent booklet for every Muslim to keep with. As it has very helpful day to day supplications that can definitely help to get the Blessings of Allah (SWT) in every work. Some of the invocations are as follows: 1. What to Say When Leaving the Home. 2. What to Say When Entering the Home. 3. What to Say Before Sleeping. 4. Invoations in Time of Grief and Worry. 5. Invocation for Travelling. 6. What to Say to Foil the Devil's Plots. There are almost 132 such InvocationRead mores in this booklet. The invocations are in Arabic followed by Romanized transliteration and then the English translation is also given to understand what you are supplicating. In short it is a worth having book and its smart size makes it easy to carry with you wherever you may go. "
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  2. A comprehensive guide

    A small book, in which there is not much focus on editing nor intellectual creativity, just a collection of remembrances from the book and the Sunnah and beautifully written.
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