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Golden Stories of Accepted Prayers

Abdul Malik Mujahid (Author),   Darussalam (Publisher)
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Golden Stories of Accepted Prayers: A Soulful Journey to Divine Mercy

Immerse yourself in the compelling narratives of the "Golden Stories of Accepted Prayers," a treasured compendium of heartfelt invocations that were heard and answered. Penned by the renowned author Abdul Malik Mujahid, this masterpiece is more than just a book; it is a spiritual journey that connects you to the divine essence of supplications in Islam.

About the Author

Abdul Malik Mujahid, the founder of Darussalam Publishers, a venerated figure in contemporary Islamic literature, adds another gem to his literary legacy. Known for his profound insights into Islamic tenets and teachings, Abdul Malik Mujahid's writings have always resonated with readers seeking spiritual wisdom. His ability to bring forth human resilience and faith through stories sets him apart, making him a guide for many on their spiritual path.

A Fascinating Overview

In "Golden Stories of Accepted Prayers," Mujahid takes the readers on a fascinating voyage through time, showcasing the impact of sincere prayers on the course of lives. With each turn of the page, readers find themselves engrossed in tales of faith, perseverance, and divine mercy.

The book serves as a spiritual guide, taking readers through various circumstances under which prayers are invoked, illustrating both times of joy and times of distress. It emphasizes the significance of prayers in Islam and the profound implications of unjust actions, driving home the cautionary note of the consequences that may follow when an aggrieved person's prayers turn against us.

Unique Features

This inspiring book offers:

  • A seamless blend of captivating stories, manifesting the power of prayer.
  • Practical insights into invoking prayers during various life scenarios.
  • Prayers from revered prophets (AS), providing context for their use.
  • Consequences of unjust actions, highlighting the significance of righteousness.
  • A gripping narrative by Abdul Malik Mujahid that keeps readers hooked until the last page.


Falling into the realm of Islamic Literature, "Golden Stories of Accepted Prayers" masterfully combines inspirational storytelling with religious guidance. Its appeal extends beyond religious scholars, reaching individuals who are on a quest for spiritual enlightenment.

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Weight (kg) 1.3000 Publisher Darussalam
Author Abdul Malik Mujahid Language English
Book Color none
Age Groups Adults Size cm 17x24
ISBN 9786035002196 Pages 288
Weight (kg) 1.3000
Publisher Darussalam
Author Abdul Malik Mujahid
Language English
Book Color none
Age Groups Adults
Size cm 17x24
ISBN 9786035002196
Pages 288
A prolific writer, Abdul Malik Mujahid has written extensively in both English and Urdu. His published works include books for both children and adults. They include biographies of the companions of the Prophet Muhammad PBUH as well as books on morals, family issues, historical events and supplications.
Its so interesting. I wish they were sequels
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