How to invite people to Allah

Dr. Muhammad Abdul Rahman Al-Arifi (author) , Darussalam (publisher)


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Inviting people to Allah is one of the fundamental elements of Muslim faith. This brief booklet by Dr Muhammad Al-Areefi elaborates the importance of ‘Dah’wa’ and provides answer to some key questions. Why is it important to invite people to the faith of Allah? How can sinners be involved in tackling evil and promoting good? What are the attributes of a sound preacher and how he should invite people to Allah?

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  1. Great book for Knowlege

    Very great, simplified and light, and I prefer reading it every week
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  2. Three Stars

    "This booklet is a vicious lecture given by Sheikh Al-Arifi on how to pray to God, in which he narrated some stories about the companions on this subject and gave us some advice and ways to call to God May Allah reward him "
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