Islamic Studies (KG-1)

Molvi Abdul Aziz (author) , Darussalam (publisher)

Islamic Studies (KG-2)

Islamic Studies (KG-2)

Islamic Studies (KG-3)

Islamic Studies (KG-3)

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Congratulations young readers! you are holding in your hand a child-friendly book that will tell you about your Lord. It will also tell you about your Prophet Muhammad S.A.W, about your religion Isalm, and about the Qur'an. It also has some very interesting stories. It has many fun activities which you can do on your own or along with your friends. So dive in and enjoy! While you are having fun, you will also be gaining very important knowledge about your religion.


Note: Parents have to read it for their children.

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60 Golden Hadith

How can we ensure that our children follow the path of Islam and sunnah? How can we teach them from a young age? Which hadiths are suitable for children? We all have these questions pop up in our mind and this blog hopes to revolve them.

The understanding of religion is through the Quran as well as the Sunnah, and understanding the Sunnah is evidence that Allah wants good for man. how much do we as Muslims, take care to learn the hadith for ourselves and our children, to memorize it and to convey its teachings to others? Is this the responsibility only of those children who are the students of Madaris?

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