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Islamic Verdicts Fatawa Sirat-e-Mustaqeem

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Five Pillars are:
  • There are five pillars of Islam.
  • The first of which is the oneness of God and the confession of the   Prophethood of the Holy Prophet.
  •  The second member is prayer.
  •  The third is Fasting.
  •  The fourth is Zakat.
  • And the fifth is Hajj.
 Numerous verses and hadiths have been narrated about each of these five   members. The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said: “Islam is based on five things...”
These five elements have a great deal to do with shaping the personality of a believer and making him an ideal character. A believer is freed from the worship of the creatures by confessing the oneness of his Lord and determining the way of life by confessing the message of the Holy Prophet.
1- Faith and Practice:
This is the basis of faith and this is the basic belief on which the rest of the pillars and Islamic teachings are based. That is why the Holy Qur'an places so much emphasis on monotheism and prophethood and it is stated in hundreds of verses. Every prophet called for this monotheism. The Quran says that;
“O, my people! Worship Him, there is no god but one.”
Since the believer's purpose is divine and definite and he tries to fulfill his duty in every situation, he can try to solve the problems in a better way than others by working patiently and perseverance. He is not afraid of any force in this path and remains steadfast like a mountain.
2- Prayer:
Prayer has been called the pillar of religion and it is a duty to identify Muslims and non-Muslims. Prayer is the act of worship that plays a fundamental role in shaping the personality of a believer and unites the servant with his Lord.
"And establish prayer for My remembrance." (Taha)
Prayer prevents all kinds of immorality and evil. Prayer becomes the expiation for past sins and cleanses the believer from the pollution of sins.
3- Keep Fasting:
One of the pillars of Islam is fasting Ramadan. Which creates the quality of meditation in the heart of the believer, by which he understands that I am before my Lord and He is watching me in every situation. Fasting serves as a shield against sins. Fasting is a shield, fasting reminds us of the hunger and thirst of our needy brothers and encourages us to be sympathetic and cooperative with them.
4- Give Zaakah:
It also plays an important role in the personality of the believer and saves him from the evil effects of stinginess, miserliness, and wealth and instills in his heart a love of the poor and a spirit of generosity and compassion towards them. The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: “That is, the wealth of Zakat will be taken from their rich and it will be distributed among the poor and needy."
5- Perform Hajj:
Hajj is a great virtue, by doing it all sins are forgiven, and after that one gets paradise. This is the presence of God's court. The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) was asked Translation: Which deed is better than all other deeds? He said to believe in Allah and His creatures. Then asked what is next. The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: Jihad in the way of Allaah. Then he was asked: What is the action after that? The holy prophet says, Perform Hajj.
Explanation about the book:
This book has 24 briefly chapters, and chapters are likely Faith and practice, Risalat, WUDU, MASH(Wiping over socks), Tayammum, The Mosque, Prayer, Friday prayer, Funeral prayer, ISSAL-E-THAWAB, Ramzan, Eid, The Holy Quran, Zakat, Hajj, Jihad, BID’AH, ISSUES FOR WOMEN, Singing and music, HARAN(Unlawful).
The importance of the Islamic Verdicts presented in this book is that they are all concern with the current issues people have to face in these times. The language used in these verdicts is very simple and easy to understand. All Muslims including the younger generation will find this compilation of extreme benefit to them.

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