Kids Books Set - Economy pack

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Islamic Studies - grade 10 - Eng. - S/C - 22x32

Islamic Studies - grade 10 - Eng. - S/C - 22x32

Zainab (Daughter of The Prophet)

Zainab (Daughter of The Prophet)

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The economy book packs is a collection of 8 books. Get 15% off on the final price on the purchase of the set. Perfect for families and Islamic teachings, all books are suitable for young children.

This pack includes the following books:

  1. Daughters of the Prophet Muhammed
  2. 20 Hadith for Kids - Eng.
  3. Akhlaaq Comes Alive
  4. Who is ALLAH
  5. The Football Feud
  6. Ruqayyah and Umm Kulthun
  7. A Cruel Joke
  8. Golden Supplication for Children - Eng.

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Stories of Prophet for Children (15 books set)

How can we teach our children about Islam? And where does one start from? A great place to start from is teaching them the stories of the Prophets (A.S).

All the Prophets (A.S) are the best of mankind and the noblest of creation before Allah. Allah chose them to convey the call of Laa ilaaha ill-Allah to mankind, and Allah has made them the intermediaries between Him and His creation in conveying His Laws.

All the Muslims unanimously agree that the Prophets (A.S) are infallible and protected from error in what they convey from Allah. This is why they have been allotted an esteemed position which is apparent from the different stories of the Prophets (A.S).

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