Kids Books Set - Premium Pack

Darussalam (publisher)

Kids Books Set - Standard Pack

Kids Books Set - Standard Pack

Islamic Studies - grade 10 - Eng. - S/C - 22x32

Islamic Studies - grade 10 - Eng. - S/C - 22x32

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Get an astounding 12% off on the purchase of the premium pack. A collection of 8 books. Easy to read with Islamic lessons and morals, making it the perfect option for young children

This pack includes the following books:
1. Bedtime Prophet Muhammad Stories
2. The Night the Moon Split
3. My Illustrated Quran storybook
4. Qaidah - Qurania - Eng. - S/C - 17x24
5. Tell Me About Hajj
6. 30 Hadith For Young Muslims (Ages 7-13)
7. The Search for Twee Twee
8. Men In Captivity

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