Seerat Sayedina Abu Bakr Siddique (R.A) - 2 vols. set - سيرة ابو بكر الصديق 1/2

Dr. Ali Muhammad Sallabi (author) , Darussalam (publisher)

Story of Mohammed PBUH (Makkah) - Eng. - S/C - 17x18

Story of Mohammed PBUH (Makkah) - Eng. - S/C - 17x18

Atlas on the Prophets (P.B.U.H) Biography - اطلس سيرة النبي عليه السلام

Atlas on the Prophets (P.B.U.H) Biography - اطلس سيرة النبي عليه السلام

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نبی کریم ﷺ کے بعد امتِ مسلمہ کے سب سےبڑے قائد اور اسلامی معاشرے کا سب سے عظیم نمونہ اور نمائند ہ شخصیت ابو بکر صدیق ؒ ہی تھے۔ خلافتِ راشدہ کی ابتدائی فتوحات، کامیابیاں اور خوبیاں عہد صدیقی ہی کی رہینِ منت تھیں۔ سیدنا ابو بکر صدیق ؒ ایمان و یقین، اطاعت و غلامی، محبت و وارفتگی اور ہمت و حوصلہ جیسے بے مثل خوبیوں سے مالا مال تھے۔ آیئے، ہم بھی اُنکی سیرت کی مطالعہ کر کے اپنے اعمال کو نکھارنے کا سامان کریں۔

The life of Abu Bakr As Siddique (May Allah be pleased with him) offers a blueprint to a successful life to those Muslims as well as non-muslims who are searching for the truth. This book provides detailed and insightful glimpses into the extraordinary life of the first Caliph of the Muslims Abu Bakr As-Siddeeq (May Allah be pleased with him) and his massive contribution to all of humanity. He was truly a man for all ages. This compilation has specifically been made for the Muslim Youth, who need to learn about the sacred personalities and their success stories. Indeed, this is the best way to teach the core values of an ideal Islamic life and help youth understand their religion.

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  1. Higly informative

    "The day Abu Bakr As-Siddique embraced Islam to the day he died, he remained an ideal Muslim. He proved to be an examplary soldier in the battlefield during the lifetime of prophet s.a.w. "
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  2. Very Detailed Book

    amazing book that is well written. Beautifully explains about the detailed life of Abu Bakr (may Allah be pleased with him). I am happy to read everything about the amazing personality with good sources quoted everywhere. Jazak Allahu khayr and thank you to the writer for his effort.
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