Tarbiat-e-Aulaad - تربيت اولاد

Muhammad Bin Jamil Zino (author) , Darussalam (publisher)

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A great Urdu parenting book by Muhammad Bin Jamil Zino. A useful addition to every parent’s collection. Parenting is not an easy task and is full of trials and challenges. Every other parent is faced with the predicament of not understanding the correct parenting guidelines, particularly in the light of Islam.

The upbringing of the child is a blessing if it is righteous, otherwise, it can even become a sin. In religion and sharia, it is the parent’s obligation to raise a child. Just as parents have rights over their children, so do children have rights over their parents, and just as Allah has commanded us to do good to our parents, so He has also commanded us to do good to our children. Doing good to them and raising them to the best of their ability is the fulfillment of a religious obligation.
Tarbiat-e-Aulad is one of the best parenting books that can help all parents learn the principles of upbringing of their children as per Islam.

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