Tawheed for Children | Class 3 Course Book |Tawheed Book


YASER URFAN AHMED MOHAMMAD (Author),   Darussalam (Publisher)

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This is an excellent children's series of Tawheed and the foundations of Islam. These books Tawheed for children, Tawheed for kids, and Tawheed book or Kitab Tawheed are important for all Muslim homes that raise their children through the Qur'an and Sunnah in understanding the sincere friends of the Prophet, May peace and blessings are upon him. They explain the belief in Allah by using both logical and written evidence (evidence) that helps the reader to understand the authenticity of the Tawheed (Belief in the Oneness of the Creator) based on his place and the full names and attributes of the creator, Allah as if exalted.

What the Book represents:

The question comes to mind: how do you teach children Tawheed? Allah is a nourisher, cherisher, sustainer, provider, protector, he is a king of the kings. A lord of everything on the earth. This book is taught in all KSA primary schools. It covers a full range of authentic Islamic knowledge during the elementary school years. Make your child that he may arise questioning about Allah, this world, about the sky, earth, mountain, and about all systems that who holds it? Tawheed is the separation of Allah from all forms of worship. Therefore, whatever is considered to be worship, which is an act that pleases Allah ﷻ so that we may draw closer to Allah ﷻ and follow the way that Allah has commanded His servants to follow it. This is the purpose of all good deeds. It explains the three types of Tawheed also.

 Purpose to write this Book:

  • Aware your child about Tawheed, fundamentals of Tawheed and make them logical and scientific explanations that prove Allah ﷻ is the creator.
  • Understand the natural cycle of life and everything ultimately is controlled by Allah ﷻ alone.
  • Make familiar your child that since Allah is our Lord (Creator, Provider, Owner) it means that He alone is worthy of worship.
  • Understand the beautiful words and attributes of Allah ﷻ.
  • Learning is made easier by using pictures, graphics, and Quranic Ayaat and Hadith.
  • Make a diary of a wimpy kid and make them aware so that they note do their daily base work and bedtime stories to read.

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