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The Biography Of Imam Abu Dawood

Salah Ud Din Ali Abdul Maujood (author),   Darussalam (publisher)

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Abu Dawud’s full name is Sulaiman Bin Ayas Bin Ishaq Al-Azdy Al-Sijistaniy. Abu Dawood was born in 202 AH (817 AD) and died in 275 AH (888 AD).

He was one who spend their days and nights, foregoing their physical pleasure and undergoing hardships to convey even one hadith. He had great qualities, character, and etiquette and was pure in the worship of Allah. So Allah elevated status in the eye of people.

He has his garments tailored and with one wide sleeve and one narrow. it shows his simplicity. He illuminated the world with the practice of Deen. Abu Dawud traveled to Baghdad when he was only 18. It is said that he compiled it at a very early (young) age. He had a great number of teachers and scholars. Ibne Hajar said that the number of his shaykhs is 300.

And his great teacher was Imam Ahmad Ibne Hanbal. Imam Abu Dawood was deeply affected by imam ahmad and his guidance. He has a lot of students which can not be counted. Imam Tirmidhi and Imam Nasae were his great pupils.

His son Muhammad Ibn Aboo Dawood Sulayman was one of the major hadith memorizers. He was a capable, eminent scholar and Shaykh of hadith. He visited Egypt, Syria, Iraq, and Khorasan. His brother accompanied him in his travels in the collection of hadith. He was greatly praised by his contemporary scholars as well, who came after them as Imam Suyootee said he was the greatest knowledgeable person.

Al-Hakim said:
“There is no disagreement about that Abu Dawud is the leader of the scholars of Hadith during his time.” He wrote Sunan Abi Dawood and it consists of 5274 ahadith in 43 books. Hadith penetrated from Abu Dawood’s flesh and blood, consuming passion and this hadith book Abu Dawood consists Sahee, Hasan and Zaeef hadith.He has a high level of knowledge of Fikah.
                                                                                                                    Islamic scholar and Hero whose Qualities that inspire everyone and                                              give guidance ;
A scholar says; "a great writer and poet is not born every day." A man who Is pure with Allah and with the people will never forget or be ruined. Connection with Allah makes a man strong both in this world and hereafter.

At a young age make your life good, strengthen your belief in Allah, and Allah will raise your standard and remember you in angels and try to get more and more knowledge and remember the purpose of living. while getting the knowledge you can face a lot of difficulties and get from where you can.

Remember that A man is at the religion of his friend, so be a good friend. Make your standard both in Deen and Dunya so high, that’s may other copy you. Rich or poor has no matter, have fear of Allah from where you go. Educate your family, this proves emancipation for you from hell and make success.

Weight (kg) 1.0000 Publisher Darussalam
Author Salah Ud Din Ali Abdul Maujood Language English
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Weight (kg) 1.0000
Publisher Darussalam
Author Salah Ud Din Ali Abdul Maujood
Language English
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Pages 295