Mingling between Men and Women is Prohibited

Mingling between Men and Women is Prohibited

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Good Character

Glorious Sermons from The Haram

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Immerse yourself in the divine wisdom of Islam with Sheikh As-Sudais's "Glorious Sermons from the Haram."

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Language English
Age Groups Adults
ISBN 9786035001168
Pages 329
Author(s) Shaikh Abdul Rahman Sudais
Publisher Darussalam
Book Size 14x21
Book Cover Hard

About The Book

Experience the captivating essence of Islam with "Glorious Sermons from the Haram." Authored by esteemed Islamic scholar and Imam of Al-Haram, Sheikh As-Sudais, the book is a beacon of spiritual enlightenment:

  1. Collection of Powerful Sermons: Carefully selected discourses delivered from the pulpit of the Grand Mosque in Mecca, providing crucial insights into Islamic teachings.
  2. Wide Range of Topics: From the belief in the Unity of Allah, the importance of prayer and fasting, to profound insights on morality, ethics, social justice, and communal unity.
  3. Contemporary Relevance: Sheikh As-Sudais delves into understanding Islam's place in the contemporary world, discussing challenges faced by global Muslims.
  4. Ideal for All Knowledge Seekers: Regardless of your current understanding of Islam, everyone from novices to scholars will discover paths of enrichment.

Author: Sheikh As-Sudais

Sheikh As-Sudais stands as a respected figure in Islamic studies, serving as the Imam of Al-Haram, Mecca's sacred mosque. Known for his profound understanding of Islamic doctrines, his spiritual guidance has illuminated the path of thousands of believers.

In "Glorious Sermons from the Haram," Sheikh As-Sudais's wisdom gracefully intertwines with his eloquent discourse – a testament to the timeless powers of the Islamic faith. A recommended read to illuminate your spiritual journey.

Purchase now to bask in this enriching reservoir of divine wisdom.

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