Let's help the poors - Eng. - S/C - 14x21 - فلينصر المسكين - انجلیزی

Let's help the poors - Eng. - S/C - 14x21 - فلينصر المسكين - انجلیزی

Khalid bin Al-Waleed (The Sword of Allah)

Khalid bin Al-Waleed (The Sword of Allah)

How to Make The Most of Ramadan

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The book titled "How to Make the Most of Ramadan" is a brilliant guidance manual for young children entering the holy month of Ramadan for the first time. Published by Darussalam Research Center, it elucidates the blessings and fundamental teachings of Ramadan, covering vital topics such as the fasting process, its benefits, and locally established rulings on the protocol following breaking a fast.

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Introducing Young Minds to the Spirit of Ramadan!


"How to Make the Most of Ramadan" is a comprehensive introduction to the month of Ramadan for young children. Crafted by the Darussalam Research Center, the book intends to guide fresh fasting observers through their spiritual journey of Ramadan.


The book encompasses essential elements of Ramadan such as:

  • Fasting procedure and its significance
  • Benefits of fasting in Ramadan
  • Rules around breaking the fast
  • Further celebrations and events in Ramadan

Designed in a simple language that's easily comprehensible by children, this book guarantees an informative and engaging reading experience.

Visual Appeal

Laden with colorful pages and illustrations, it reels in children's interests while guiding them through their first understanding of the holy Ramadan season.

Ideal for Ramadan Beginners

The book promises to be an ideal companion for children about to start their first Ramadan. It prepares them for the experience, enlightening them about the practice and the blessings it brings with itself.

Author Bio

The Darussalam Research Center, the publisher of this book, is a highly esteemed institution that focuses on the research and publication of authentic Islamic texts. Their main mission includes the propagation of true Islamic teachings based on the Quran and Sunnah, contributing enormously to the literature for children and adults alike. Hailing from Saudi Arabia, Darussalam's works have gained global recognition, facilitating Islamic understanding worldwide.

With such an illustrious reputation, the Darussalam Research Center brings credibility to "How to Make the Most of Ramadan," making it an important read for children navigating their first fast during the season of Ramadan.

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