Goodnight Stories from the Lives of Sahabah

Goodnight Stories from the Lives of Sahabah

 My First Book of Dua

My First Book of Dua

Jabir Bin Abdullah - The Example of Sacrifice

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Explore the life of Jabir bin Abdullah (R.A), a heroic figure of dedication and sacrifice in early Islam.

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Language English
Age Groups Young Adults
ISBN 9782987466703
Pages 48
Author(s) Abdul Basit Ahmad
Publisher Darussalam
Book Size 14x21
Book Cover Soft

Book Overview:  

"Jabir Bin Abdullah - The Example of Sacrifice" is the touching tale of a valiant Sahabi (Companion of the Prophet Muhammad PBUH), who exemplified selflessness and dedication.

The book, authored by Abdul Basit Ahmad, covers 48 pages of the life of Jabir bin Abdullah (R.A), highlighting his close relationship with the Prophet (PBUH) and his memorable acts of sacrifice that immortalize him as a model of Islamic virtue. It is an ideal educational resource for young adults seeking to be inspired by the pious precursors in Islamic history.

Author Bio:  

Abdul Basit Ahmad is an author renowned for his biographical writings on prominent Islamic personalities. His scholarly yet accessible style brings to life the stories of figures who significantly impacted Islamic heritage. Ahmad's attention to detail and his ability to convey the essence of personality and historical context make him a notable contributor to Islamic literature, particularly in the realm of biography.


His works aim not just to inform but to also spiritually enrich his readers by reviving the noble traditions of the companions of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

Main Features:  

  • A compelling narrative of Jabir bin Abdullah's (R.A) life, featuring stories of his contributions and sacrifices.
  • Inspirational anecdotes demonstrating how he upheld the values of Islam during challenging times.
  • Accessible English language text tailored for young adult readers.
  • Portable softcover book with a convenient size of 14X21 cm, facilitating easy reading and transport.
  • Enhances historical knowledge with spiritual lessons, shaping readers’ understanding of the importance of Sahaabah.
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