The Way to Allah (SWT) is Through Rasul Allah (SAW) (Stairway to Heaven - Book 8)

The Way to Allah (SWT) is Through Rasul Allah (SAW) (Stairway to Heaven - Book 8)

Alhamdulillah (Stairway to Heaven - Book 5) - English

Alhamdulillah (Stairway to Heaven - Book 5) - English

Jazakumu-Allahu Khairan (Stairway to Heaven - Book 7) - English

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Embark on a spiritual journey with "Jazakumu-Allahu Khairan Book 7: Stairway to Heaven," an inspiring addition to Manal Shehab’s series that teaches children the value of gratitude in Islam.

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Book Overview:

"Jazakumu-Allahu Khairan Book 7: Stairway to Heaven" is a beautifully crafted installment in Manal Shehab's captivating "Stairway to Heaven" series, adorned with vibrant illustrations of Zeynep Haydan. This book is designed to introduce children to the Islamic concept of expressing gratitude and seeking the best for others through the phrase "Jazakumu-Allahu Khairan," which means "May Allah reward you with goodness." Aiming to engage young minds, "Jazakumullahu Khairan" combines simple, rhyming text with glossy, colorful illustrations to convey the beauty and importance of thankful expressions within the Islamic faith.

Author Bio:

Manal Shehab’s dedication to crafting meaningful Islamic children’s literature shines through her "Stairway to Heaven" series. Her work, in collaboration with artist Zeynep Haydan, is renowned for its ability to translate complex Islamic concepts into engaging and relatable stories for children. Shehab's approach combines educational depth with captivating storytelling, aiming to nurture an early appreciation for the values and principles of Islam. Through "Jazakumu-Allahu Khairan" and the other books in the series, she strives to open young hearts to the wisdom and beauty of Islamic teachings, contributing to the spiritual growth of the next generation.


Main Features:

  • Islamic Virtues: Focuses on the significance of gratitude and well-wishes, vital aspects of Islamic etiquette.
  • Engaging Illustrations: Zeynep Haydan’s artwork enriches every page, making Islamic teachings vivid and appealing.
  • Rhyming Texts: Utilizes simple rhymes to communicate complex concepts in an accessible manner, facilitating memorization and understanding.
  • Quality Time with Family: Encourages interactive learning, allowing children and parents to explore Islamic principles together.
  • Part of a Series: The seventh book in a collection that offers diverse Islamic teachings, perfect for building a holistic Islamic library for children.
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