Alhamdulillah (Stairway to Heaven - Book 5) - English

Alhamdulillah (Stairway to Heaven - Book 5) - English

Bismillah - Stairway to Heaven - Book 2

Bismillah - Stairway to Heaven - Book 2

Mashaa-Allah (Stairway to Heaven - Book 3) - English

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Immerse in Islamic wisdom with "Mashaa-Allah Book 3 (Stairway to Heaven)" by Manal Shehab, a vibrant exploration of faith for young hearts.

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Book Overview:

"Mashaa-Allah Book 3 (Stairway to Heaven)" is a captivating installment of Manal Shehab's celebrated series designed to enlighten children with the beauty of Islamic teachings. Together with Zeynep Haydan's enchanting illustrations, this board book serves as a splendid addition to an Islamic library for young readers. Aimed at presenting core Islamic concepts through simple, rhyming texts and engaging visuals, this book stands as a creative and thoughtful medium to introduce children to the wonders of Islam. Each page of this beautifully crafted book is an opportunity for young minds to learn, appreciate, and reflect upon the Islamic values and the significance of saying "MashaAllah."

Author Bio:

Manal Shehab is a distinguished author committed to crafting accessible and appealing Islamic literature for children. Her work, marked by thoughtful narratives and profound respect for the essence of Islam, aims to cultivate a sense of wonder and devotion among the young generation towards their faith. Coupled with Zeynep Haydan's illustrative genius, which adds color and life to her words, Shehab's books, including "Mashaa-Allah Book 3 (Stairway to Heaven)," become not just learning tools but gateways to the spiritual world of Islam for children and adults alike.


Main Features:

  • Engaging and Educational: Crafted with catchy rhymes and vivid illustrations to attract and maintain the attention of young readers.
  • Islamic Concepts Simplified: Focuses on introducing and explaining fundamental Islamic teachings and expressions in an easy-to-understand manner.
  • Quality Time with Children: Encourages interactive learning sessions between children and parents or educators, fostering discussions about Islamic principles.
  • Durable Board Book Format: Ensures that the book withstands the eager handling of young readers, making it a lasting addition to any bookshelf.
  • Part of a Series: Belongs to an 8-book collection that covers various aspects of Islam, promoting a comprehensive understanding from an early age.
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