The Sealed Nectar - Eng. - S/C - 8x12 - الرحيق المختوم - انجلیزی - غلاف

The Sealed Nectar - Eng. - S/C - 8x12 - الرحيق المختوم - انجلیزی - غلاف

Early Days From Al-Bidayah wan-Nihaya

Early Days From Al-Bidayah wan-Nihaya

Muhammad PBUH The Man, The Leader, The Messenger of God

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This enlightening book by Husam Deeb delves into the life of the beloved Prophet Muhammad (SAW), covering stories, incidents, and perspectives from various renowned leaders and personalities.

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"Muhammad PBUH The Man the Leader": Overview

"Muhammad PBUH The Man the Leader" is an enriching book by Husam Deeb, plunging us into the pivotal aspects of the life of Prophet Muhammad (SAW). From Darussalam, the book furnishes extensive knowledge about the Prophet's life, his leadership, teachings, and his just and benevolent rulership.


The book provides comprehensive content about:

  • Prophet Muhammad's (SAW) personal life and marital engagements.
  • Somber accounts and incidents from his life are illustrated meticulously.
  • His remarkable 23-year mission, promoting harmony and justice.
  • Insight into prophecies surrounding the Prophet (SAW).
  • The values he taught to mankind.
  • His implementation of the rule of justice.
  • A collection of reflections from notable personalities like Michael H. Hart, Mahatma Gandhi, and Wolfgang Goethe about Prophet Muhammad (SAW). 


This illuminating title is an advantageous source of knowledge for Muslims and non-Muslims. It serves those eager to explore deeper about the final prophet of Allah and his exemplary and principled approach as an inspirational figure for humanity.

Author Bio

Husam Deeb, the author of "Muhammad PBUH The Man the Leader", is known for his insightful writings. His prudent analyses of the life and teachings of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) offer the readers a well-rounded understanding of the revered figure.

Darussalam, the publisher of this work, has a well-established reputation as a leading global distributor of Islamic literature. Their noble mission is to provide Muslims worldwide with authentic and comprehensive Islamic texts. By publishing this book, they bring forth an opportunity for people across the globe to comprehend more about the exemplary life and teachings of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) and how he is the quintessential guide for leading a virtuous life.

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