Reading Pen e Book For Children - كتاب اطفال تعليمي مع القلم الناطق

Reading Pen e Book For Children - كتاب اطفال تعليمي مع القلم الناطق

Quran Speaker QS100

Quran Speaker QS100

Quran Touch Speaker QS 112

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Enhance your spiritual journey with the Touch Lamp Portable Quran Speaker - an ideal gift for Ramadan. Enjoy Quran recitations, MP3, FM radio, and more with this multifunctional device.
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Age Groups 10 - 13 Years

Touch Lamp Portable Quran Speaker SQ-112 Best Gift for the Sacred month of Ramazan

New Boxed Touch Lamp Quran Speaker with Bluetooth functionality Please refer to the photos attached for exact item details.

A. Choose Quran Kareem, MP3 and FM Radio

B. Short press to increase the volume and long press to play front

C. Pause or play, Long press to change to the reader

D. Short press down the volume, Long press to play the next Surah

E. Power button, Long press 3 Seconds to boot, Press 2 Seconds off

F. TF Card

G. Audio input

H. USB charging port

I. Short touch change brightness, touch 2 seconds to switch to colour light

The Touch Lamp Portable Quran Speaker has most of the Top Qarees (Reciters)

Mishary Rashid Alafasy,

Abdul Basit Abdul Samad,

Muhammad Siddiq Minshawi,

Maher Al Mueaqly,

Hani Ar-Rifai,

Saud Al-Shuraim,

Muhammad Siddiq Minshawi with Kids,

Mohammad Ibrahim,

Abdurahman Sudais,

Saad Al Ghamidi,

Sheikh Ali Hudaify,

Mahmood Khalil Husary,

Mohammad Ayub, Ibrahim Akhdar

The Touch Lamp Portable Quran Speaker has 18 Translations in different languages such as;

1. English

2. Somali

3. French

4. Urdu

5. German

6. Indonesian

7. Malaysian

8. Pashto

9. Dari

10. Tamil

11. Persian

12. Russian

13. Swahili

14. Albanian

15. Turkish

16. Hindi

17. Uzbek

18. Portuguese.

It Includes Sahih Al-Bukhari, Sahih Al-Mulsim, Tafseer Quran Kareem, AL-Ruqyah, Hisnul Muslim And Qaida Noorania.

 Speaker Output Power 3W

 Audio Input: Aux, Micros, SD Card

 Input Power Input Dc 5V/800mA

 Frequency Response: 50Hz-20KHz

 Transmission Range 10 Meters

 Driver Unit 52mm, 4ohm, 3W  Battery Li-Ion: 3.7V

 Lamp Power 1.6W

 Colour Warm White

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