Tafsiribn Kathir (Abridged) 30th Part - English

Tafsiribn Kathir (Abridged) 30th Part - English

Interpretation of the Meanings of the Noble Quran

Interpretation of the Meanings of the Noble Quran

Quran Ajaba Volume 3 - Urdu

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Elevate your understanding of the Qur'an with 'Qur'an an Ajaba Vol 3', a distinctive Questions & Answers guide by Ustazah Nighat Hashmi, designed to bring clarity to the divine text in Urdu.

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Author(s) Nighat Hashimi
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Book Overview:

'Qur'an an Ajaba Vol 3' is the third installment in a unique series offering a detailed exploration of the Qur'an through a Q&A format, designed by Ustazah Nighat Hashmi. This volume continues to simplify the understanding of the Qur'an, adhering to the verse from Surah Al-Qamar: "And We have indeed made the Qur'an easy to understand and remember; then is there any that will receive admonition?" It targets readers who seek a deeper comprehension of the Quranic message enriching their spiritual and intellectual grasp of the divine words.

About the Author:

Ustazah Nighat Hashmi is a respected Islamic scholar known for her dynamic teaching methods and innovative approaches to Qur'anic education. Her work is widely recognized amongst Urdu-speaking communities for fostering a deeper, more personal connection with the teachings of the Qur'an. With this series, she has made the timeless wisdom of the holy book accessible to a broader spectrum of readers, facilitating their journey towards peace and understanding through the knowledge of the Qur'an.


Main Features:

  • Offers an insightful question-and-answer format that simplifies and elucidates Qur'anic teachings.
  • Encourages active engagement with the text for more profound learning and meditation.
  • A part of an extensive series that covers the Qur'an in comprehensive detail.
  • Urdu language publication catering specifically to native speakers and those proficient in Urdu.
  • Weighs 1.000 kg, indicative of an extensive and detailed volume.
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