The Biography of Imam Abu Dawud

The Biography Of Imam Abu Dawood

Winning the Hearts and Souls

Winning the Hearts and Souls

The Biography of Imam Bukhaaree

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This book is about the history of the Imam of the hadiths of Hadeeth, whose pursuit of lifelong knowledge culminated in the writing of a book which, by its importance and authenticity, is ranked second only in the Book of Allah. Not referring to anyone other than Muhammad ibn Ismaa’eel Al-Bukhari (may Allah have mercy on him).

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SKU E20396
Language English
Pages 184
Author(s) Salah Ud Din Ali Abdul Maujood
Publisher Darussalam
Book Size 14x21
Book Cover Hard

More About The Book The Biography of Imam Bukhaaree

"The Biography of Imam Bukhaaree (May Allah have mercy upon him)" is a profound piece of Islamic literature that leads its readers into an insightful journey into the life and contributions of one of Islam's greatest scholars - Muhammad ibn Ismaa'eel Al-Bukhari (rah). Part of Darussalam Publisher's revered biography series, this captivating narrative unfolds the exemplary life of Imam Bukhaaree whose work, after the Book of Allah, stands high in its importance and truthfulness.

A Glimpse into the Life of Imam Bukhaaree (RAH)

Immerse yourself in the exploration of Imam Bukhaaree's (RAH) life, which stands as a testament to his relentless pursuit of knowledge. From his humble beginnings, the book covers his journey into becoming a beacon of Islamic knowledge, highlighting his personal piety, manners, and scholarly contributions. 

The portrayal of Imam Bukhaaree's (rah) life not only illuminates his intellectual pursuits but also sheds light on the personal aspects of his life, lending a holistic view of his persona to the readers.

About The Author

This book is a meticulous English translation of the original work penned by Salaahud-Deen ibn Alee ibn Abdul-Maujood. Translated by Mr. Faisal Shafique, it mirrors the depth and gravity of Imam Bukhaaree's (rah) life story while making it accessible to non-Arabic readers around the world. The author's deep-seated passion for Islamic history breathes life into each page, crafting an intimate and comprehensive account of Imam Bukhaaree's journey.

Distinctive Features of the Book

    • Compelling Narrative: The book engages the readers with a vivid storytelling style that intricately weaves the details of Imam Bukhaaree's (rah) life.
    • Complete Biography: It provides a comprehensive view of the Imam's (rah) life, bringing to light both his academic contributions and personal qualities.
    • Accessible Format: Understanding the pulse of the digital era, Darussalam Publishers offers this book in an e-book format, catering to tech-savvy readers.
    • Quality Translation: The English translation by Mr. Faisal Shafique retains the essence of the original work, enabling a global audience to appreciate the richness of Islamic history.
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