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Join Layth and his friends on a courageous quest to uncover a forgotten history in The Lost Kingdom.
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The Lost Kingdom is the story of wild lions who long ago adopted a very different way of life – that of domestic cats. Many of them forgot their history and their great past, until one day… Meet Layth, an intelligent and courageous cub seeking truth and adventure. He and his friends decide to dig up the past and begin to question why their fellow lions behave the way they do. They begin to address the problems that have been buried deeply for too long. Soon, Layth and his friends have a mystery on their paws – will they be able to solve it before they are caught, or will they be stopped before they can even begin? Generating enthusiasm and providing food for thought for young minds, The Lost Kingdom is an interesting fable of adventure, courage, and chivalry in the face of severe hardships.

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