History of Islam 3 Volume Set

History of Islam 3 Volume Set

The Story of Prophet Yunus

The Story of Prophet Yunus

The Ministers Around the Prophet PBUH

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Explore the lives of the Prophet's closest companions in 'Ministers Around the Prophet'.

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Language English
ISBN 9789960899860
Pages 183
Author(s) Abdul Aziz Al Shanawi
Publisher Darussalam
Book Size 14x21
Book Cover Hard

Book Overview

Ministers Around the Prophet" is a book written by Abdul Aziz As-Shanawi. This book talks about the life of Prophet Muhammad and the people close to him.

Key Parts of the Book:

  • About Sahaba: The book talks about the 'Sahaba', the close friends of Prophet Muhammad. It tells us about their life and their strong faith.
  • Interesting Stories: The book shares many stories about the Sahaba. These stories tell about their bravery and loyalty. Readers can learn a lot from these stories.
  • Lessons from Islam: The book explains the important values of Islam. These are the values that the Sahaba lived by. The book helps readers understand these values in a simple way.
      • Look into the Past: The author takes the readers back in time to the Prophet's era. The book makes this interesting with a lot of details and easy language.
      • Easy to Understand: Abdul Aziz As-Shanawi uses simple words to tell powerful stories. This makes the book easy to read and understand.

About the Author:

Abdul Aziz As-Shanawi is a well-known writer. He has written many books about Islam. He has a talent for explaining hard concepts in a simple way. This makes his books popular with many readers.

"Ministers Around the Prophet" is not just a book of history. It is a book that teaches about Islam and the lives of important figures in the religion. The book can help readers learn more about Islam and its values. It shows the wisdom of the 'ministers' and how we can learn from it.

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