Healing with the Medicine of the Prophet (PBUH)-1 Color Book

Healing with the Medicine of the Prophet (PBUH)-1 Color Book

Therapy from the Quran and Ahadith

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Learn about a practical guide to mental health and character development that combines Islamic teachings with psychology, written by Dr. Feryad A. Hussain, an experienced clinical psychologist.

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In recent years, more people have been turning to Islamic-centered therapy, which follows the rules of Islam, to help with mental health issues. This is not only important for Muslim therapists and patients but for all Muslims who want to strengthen their faith and well-being.

Around the world, Muslim psychologists are working hard to create therapy methods that fit with their religion and are accepted by their peers and religious scholars.

This book is a simple and helpful collection of verses from the Quran, sayings from the Prophet Muhammad, and their explanations. It helps people deal with troubling thoughts and behaviors in a way that aligns with their faith. It's written by an experienced psychologist and can be used by therapists, as a reference, or by anyone looking to improve themselves.

This book is not just for Muslims; it's for everyone. It shares insights from Islam to help with life's challenges and to better understand human struggles. After all, only the Creator truly knows His creation.

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Language English
ISBN 9786035000994
Author(s) Dr. Feryad A. Hussain
Publisher Darussalam
Book Size 14x21
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