Prophet sent by Allah - The Story of Sulaiman (A.S)- English

Prophet sent by Allah - The Story of Sulaiman (A.S)- English

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Goodnight Stories from The Quran - English

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Introduce your children to the blessings of Allah with 'Goodnight Stories From The Quran.'
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Language English
Age Groups 10 - 13 Years
ISBN 817898346
Pages 133
Author(s) Saniyasnain Khan
Publisher Goodword
Book Size 14x21

Goodnight Stories From The Quran

This series will help children appreciate how Allah is taking care of us and continuously showering His blessings on us in many different ways. As a pre-school reading course,it will help parents to explain and enrich the divine message by a simple and easy-to-understand method. With the help of this series,parents will find it extremely rewarding to share their knowledge with their loved ones.

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How can we teach our children about Islam? And where does one start from? A great place to start from is teaching them the stories of the Prophets (A.S).

All the Prophets (A.S) are the best of mankind and the noblest of creation before Allah. Allah chose them to convey the call of Laa ilaaha ill-Allah to mankind,and Allah has made them the intermediaries between Him and His creation in conveying His Laws.

All the Muslims unanimously agree that the Prophets (A.S) are infallible and protected from error in what they convey from Allah. This is why they have been allotted an esteemed position which is apparent from the different stories of the Prophets (A.S).

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