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Minhaj al Muslim 2 Volume Set - English

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The Right Way - English

My Tawheed Book - Soft Cover - 17x18 - English

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Nurture young minds with the essence of Tauheed – a comprehensive children's book for a strong foundation in Islamic faith.

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Language English
ISBN 9789960995694
Author(s) Darussalam Research Center
Publisher Darussalam
Book Size 17X18
Book Cover Soft

Book Overview:

Explore the wonders of Islamic oneness with "My Tawheed Book" by Darussalam Research Center. Tailored for young minds, this book simplifies the concept of Tawheed—the belief in one Allah—in a language that's easy to grasp.

Key Features:

  • Kid-Friendly Language: The book uses simple and engaging language suitable for young children.
  • Step-by-Step Learning: It unfolds the idea of Tawheed gradually, ensuring easy understanding for kids.
  • Colorful Illustrations: Vibrant visuals accompany the text, making the learning experience fun and interactive.
  • Real-Life Examples: Relatable examples help children see how Tawheed is part of their everyday lives.

Benefits of "My Tawheed Book":

    • Building Foundations:  Helps children establish a strong understanding of Tawheed from an early age.
    • Clear Concepts: Simplifies the oneness of Allah, making it clear and accessible for young readers.
    • Practical Guidance: Teaches kids how Tawheed shapes their behavior and decisions in a simple way.
    • Ideal for Young Learners:  Perfect for families and educators introducing Tawheed to young children.

About the Author:

Darussalam Research Center is a dedicated force in simplifying Islamic teachings for all ages. With a focus on accuracy and accessibility, their publications aim to make learning about Islam an enjoyable experience

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