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A Glimpse at the Beauty of Islam

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Delve into the essence of Islam's universal wisdom with "A Glimpse at the Beauty of Islam."

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Language English
Age Groups Young Adults
ISBN 9789960892993
Pages 80
Author(s) Al-Arabi Abu Hamzah
Publisher Darussalam
Book Size 14x21
Book Cover Soft

Book Overview:

"A Glimpse at the Beauty of Islam" is a succinct introduction to the expansive and multifaceted nature of Islam, presented by Al-Arabi Abu Hamzah. This book is designed to enlighten young adults and seekers of knowledge about the universal appeal and timeless relevance of Islamic teachings. It outlines various aspects of the faith, from core beliefs and principles to ethics and spirituality, offering readers key insights into how Islam provides guidance that applies to all facets of life.

Author Bio:

Al-Arabi Abu Hamzah is an author dedicated to writing about Islamic spirituality and morality. His work often aims to introduce the beauty and simplicity of Islam to newcomers as well as to provide a reminder to those who are already acquainted with its teachings. By drawing on classic Islamic texts and focusing on the practicality of the religion, Abu Hamzah's writing is accessible to a wide audience and serves as an invitation to explore the depths of Islamic tradition and its relevance to modern life.


Main Features:

  • A concise 80-page book that encapsulates the fundamental aspects of Islamic teachings.
  • Discusses the comprehensiveness of Islam and its applicability in diverse aspects of life.
  • Touches upon Islamic wisdom, the universality of its message, and its adaptability across times and cultures.
  • Softcover for easy handling and portability, making it an excellent travel companion.
  • Measures 14x21 cm, striking a perfect balance between readability and convenience.
  • Published by Darussalam, known for its commitment to producing authentic and valuable Islamic literature.
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