The Biography of Imam Bukhaaree

Salah Ud Din Ali Abdul Maujood (author) , Darussalam (publisher)

Imam Sufyan Ibn Uyaynah

Imam Sufyan Ibn Uyaynah

The Biography of Imam Zaid ibn Thaabit (R.A)

The Biography of Imam Zaid ibn Thaabit (R.A)

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A biography book on the life of the notable hadith scholar Imam Bukhaaree. This beautiful book discusses his life and how he spent his entire life in the pursuit of knowledge that was then culminated in a book that, in terms of its importance and truthfulness, ranks second only to the Book of Allah.  His work has proven to be a gift to mankind for all generations.

Even today Al-Bukhari hadiths are considered as the most authentic source of hadiths.  This book highlights the struggles he went through to provide us with his collection of ahadith. An interesting read, especially for those interested in biographies and early Islam.

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  1. good

    A great book to reread. There was an amazing display of bravery when everyone turned against him. The book had a lot of wisdom to share. Id classify it as great book for Hadeeth and insaad science.
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  2. Enlightening

    Enlighting book that can help you walk in the footsteps of the Holy Prophert PBUH. The gift of hadeeth can not be denied. Saheeh Bukhari in particular is a great gift after the Quran. I pray that Allah will grant me a place in heaven with HIM and HIS Prohpet PBUH. Ameen
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