Medicine of Prophet - Color - Arabic - الطب النبوى

Medicine of Prophet - Color - Arabic - الطب النبوى

Minhaj al Muslim - Urdu منهاج المسلم

Minhaj al Muslim - Urdu منهاج المسلم

Jadoo Tuney Ka Elaj - Urdu

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Uncover Islamic remedies against witchcraft and sorcery in "Jadoo Tuney Ka Elaj - Urdu," a comprehensive guide to understanding and healing through faith.

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Language Urdu
Publisher Darussalam
Book Size 12x17
Book Cover Soft

Book Overview:

"Jadoo Tuney Ka Elaj - Urdu" is an essential resource offering insightful Islamic perspectives on addressing the challenges posed by witchcraft and sorcery. In societies where superstition and the dark arts find footholds, misconceptions and distrust can proliferate. This book serves as a beacon of enlightenment, educating readers about the true nature of witchcraft and the powerful, faith-based remedies available within Islam. Compiled by Darussalam, it provides a thorough exploration of protective measures, treatments, and prayers prescribed in the Quran and Sunnah that believers can employ to shield themselves against harm and reinforce their faith in the face of adversities related to magic and envy.

Publisher Bio:

Darussalam is a leading international publisher dedicated to the dissemination of genuine Islamic literature. Known for its scholarly rigor and adherence to the Quran and Sunnah, Darussalam's publications aim to educate and inspire Muslims to lead lives rooted in Islamic principles. "Jadoo Tuney Ka Elaj - Urdu" represents Darussalam's effort to equip the Muslim Ummah with knowledge and tools to navigate the spiritual challenges of modern times, reinforcing faith and resilience through authentic Islamic teachings.


Main Features:

  • Islamic Remedies: Delivers detailed guidance on combating witchcraft through Quranic verses and prophetic traditions.
  • Cultural Insight: Addresses the influence of witchcraft in society, offering a spiritual antidote to superstition and fear.
  • Accessible Content: Written in Urdu to cater to a broad audience, ensuring the message is clearly understood by native speakers.
  • Compact Format: Presented in a portable size with a soft cover, making it easy to carry and refer to whenever needed.
  • Authoritative Source: Produced by Darussalam, renowned for its commitment to authentic Islamic literature.
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