Important Lesson for Muslim Women

Important Lesson for Muslim Women

Marital Discord Causes and Cures

Marital Discord Causes and Cures

Kindness to Parents

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This book serves as a guide for younger generations in understanding the essence of respecting and caring for parents as per Islamic teachings.

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Language English
ISBN 9789960899343
Pages 79
Author(s) Abdul Malik Al-Qasim
Publisher Darussalam
Book Size 14x21
Book Cover Soft

More About Kindness to Parents Book

A thoughtful and profound book penned by the esteemed author, Abdul Malik Al Qasim. This book serves as an in-depth exploration into one of the most significant teachings of Islam - the expression of unwavering respect, love, and kindness towards one's parents.

Moreover, "Kindness to Parents" presents several stories and illustrations from Islamic history and the Prophet's (PBUH) life, further enriching the content and providing practical examples of the application of these teachings in daily life. The author also addresses issues such as dealing with parental aging, managing disagreements with parents, and balancing the rights of both parents.

Through his engaging narrative, Al Qasim portrays the consequences of disrespecting parents and the rewards of treating them well, both in this life and the hereafter. This book thus serves as a comprehensive guide, leading readers toward better observance of one of Islam's core teachings.

About The Author

Abdul Malik Al Qasim is a renowned writer known for his in-depth knowledge of Islamic history, values, and teachings. He has authored several significant books in the realm of Islam with impressive comprehension and fluency. His writings are characterized by a clear and straightforward style, making complex concepts of Islam easily digestible for readers of all ages.

Throughout his career, Abdul Malik Al Qasim has focused his work on enriching lives by spreading enlightenment about Islamic teachings and the Prophet's life. His thoughtful interpretations and unique insights place him among respected authors in the field of Islamic literature. However, not much is known about his personal life as he prefers to keep it private. His life's work is a testament to his deep commitment to serving his faith and educating others about it.

Al Qasim carefully presents the essence of this concept by weaving together insightful interpretations of Quranic verses and Hadiths, focusing on their consistent emphasis on treating parents with the utmost respect and kindness. The book is divided into separate sections each touching on different aspects of parental respect and care, including obedience, kindness, mannerisms, forgiveness, and patience.

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