Sunehri Kirney - Urdu سنہری كرنيں

Sunehri Kirney - Urdu سنہری كرنيں

Shakhsiyat Sazi kay Sunehre Usool

Shakhsiyat Sazi kay Sunehre Usool

Tarbiat e Aulaad - Urdu

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Tarbiat e Aulaad" in Urdu by Muhammad Bin Jamil Zino is a comprehensive parenting guide grounded in Islamic principles. It serves as a beacon for parents navigating the complexities of child-rearing, emphasizing the importance of fulfilling religious obligations through a virtuous upbringing.

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Book Overview:

Navigating the journey of parenting can be challenging, and filled with trials and uncertainties. In the light of Islam, this responsibility carries profound spiritual significance. "Tarbiat e Aulaad" by Muhammad Bin Jamil Zino, published by Darussalam, offers valuable insights into the Islamic approach to parenting. This work elucidates the dual rights and obligations existing between parents and children, underscoring the Quranic commandments to nurture and guide offspring with kindness and wisdom. Beyond mere care, it advocates for the moral and spiritual development of children, ensuring their growth into righteous and responsible individuals. Written in Urdu, this book is an essential resource for parents seeking to imbibe their familial duties with the essence of Islamic teachings, thereby fulfilling a pivotal religious commandment.

Author Bio:

Muhammad Bin Jamil Zino is recognized for his contributions to Islamic literature, particularly in areas concerning family life and child upbringing. His works are celebrated for their practical insights, clarity, and adherence to Islamic jurisprudence. As a scholar, Zino has dedicated his writings to addressing contemporary challenges faced by Muslims, providing guidance that is both authentic to Islamic teachings and applicable to modern-day scenarios.

Main Features:

Islamic Parenting Foundation: Provides a thorough understanding of child upbringing principles based on Islamic tenets.

Rights and Obligations: Highlights the mutual rights and obligations between parents and children, urging a balanced approach to parenting.

Practical Guidance: Offers actionable advice and solutions for common parenting challenges within an Islamic framework.

Spiritual Focus: Encourages parents to prioritize the spiritual and moral development of their children alongside their physical and intellectual growth.

Accessible Language: Written in Urdu, making it accessible to a wide audience familiar with the language.

Publisher Bio:

Darussalam is a leading international publishing house specializing in authentic Islamic books and literature. Renowned for its rigorous adherence to the Quran and Sunnah, Darussalam aims to disseminate Islamic knowledge that is accessible and relevant to the daily lives of Muslims around the globe.

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