Comprehensive Review of The Book ‘Riyad us Saliheen’

A Comprehensive Review of The Book ‘Riyad us Saliheen’

Riyad us Saliheen is one gem that cannot be forgotten in all of the Islamic literature. This two-part set, covered in an elegant binding and illustrated in black-and-white, does not consist simply of the original Hadiths but serves as a guide to faith, as well as a source of wisdom for morals.

Its popularity is unparalleled, and its usefulness is evident in its selection of approximately 2000 hadith from the six major collections: Al-Bukhari, Muslim, Abu Dawud, Tirmidhi, An-Nisa’i, and Ibn Majah. This blog explores the content of Riyad us Saliheen by examining various aspects such as its structure, areas it covers, key themes, and much more.

Structure of Riyad us Saliheen

Knowing the structure of Riyad us Saliheen before getting involved in the content is important. The book consists of about 2000 Ahadith, this compilation has been divided into 372 chapters and 19 sections.

Each section highlights a particular tenet of Islam and thus serves to enhance understanding and application of the wisdom imparted. This detailed assortment is well-organized, enabling readers to find any topic in this massive collection easily.

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Comprehensive Coverage of Islamic Belief and Moral Conduct

The characteristic for instance that differentiates Riyad us Saliheen from others is exhaustive dealing with Islamic faith and morality. This is a complete manual that is meant for Muslims at every stage in Islam’s course.

They are chosen from the major collection of Hadith guaranteeing authenticity and reliability. In all these, Riyad us Salihin does not spare even the minutest detail that is relevant to a comprehensive Shari’a-oriented lifestyle.

Key Topics Explored in Riyadus Salihin

  • Riyad us Saliheen embodies an assortment of Islamic teachings.
  • The text stresses the significance of sincerity and the importance of directing all intentions towards Allah.
  • It features discussions about expenditure for Allah, underlining the importance of almsgiving and philanthropy.
  • Guidelines on fasting are provided to assist Muslims in adhering to this crucial pillar of Islam.
  • It showcases areas focused on the pursuit of knowledge, underscoring continuous learning as essential.
  • It highlights the importance of attending funerals to maintain connections with the deceased.

Range of Sections in Riyad us Saliheen

The book has 19 sections for different issues in Islam. Such divisions are essential because they enable people to understand and put into practice these teachings as found in the Hadith. For instance, The Book of Good Manners, The Book of Virtues, and The Book of I’tikaf tackle different facets of ethics, virtues, and spiritual retreat respectively. Through a systematic division, readers can move through large content.

Presentation of Arabic Text and English Translation

Another notable aspect of Riyad us Saliheen is that it presents the original Arabic text and an accompanying English translation. The use of a two-tone approach makes it possible to provide access to people of different nationalities to authentic Prophet’s words as they were originally spoken.

The English translations go hand in hand with the Arabic text, thus ensuring that even people conversant in Arabic can follow. This discussion makes the collection more open and provides a deeper comprehension of the instructions.


As we come to an end in examining Riyad us Saliheen, it would seem that this anthology is not simply a collection of Hadith but a light for followers of Islam who endeavor to lead their lives accordingly. Riyad us Saliheen covers all types of beliefs and moral practices.

It is arranged so that it begins with important matters by placing them in the sections and chapters. Finally, it provides Arabic text together with the corresponding English translation.

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