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Explanation of Important Lessons

Hindrances on the Path

Hindrances on the Path

Collection from Riyad-us-Saliheen

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"Collection from Riyadus Saliheen" – an essential anthology compiling the wisdom of Hadiths selected for their relevance to morality and daily living.

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Language English
Age Groups Young Adults
Pages 686
Author(s) Imam Nawawi
Publisher Darussalam
Book Size 8x12
Book Cover Soft

Book Overview:  

"Collection from Riyadus Saliheen" is a comprehensive English rendition of the classic compilation of hadiths by Imam Nawawi. This collection provides spiritual and practical guidance through a careful selection of sayings and actions of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and his companions, covering broad aspects of Islamic faith, ethics, and morality. Spanning 686 pages, this volume is designed to be accessible to young adults and anyone interested in the profundity and application of hadiths in their everyday lives.

Author Bio:  

Imam Nawawi was an esteemed 13th-century Islamic scholar of Sunni Islam, revered for his expertise in the fields of hadith and fiqh (jurisprudence). He authored numerous influential texts, but "Riyadus Saliheen" remains one of his most famous and widely-read works. Through his compilations, he continues to impart valuable teachings derived from the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), illuminating the path of righteousness for Muslims across the globe. His dedication to preserving authentic hadiths and providing comprehensive explanations is indicative of his stature as a giant among traditional Islamic scholars.


Main Features:  

  • A significant compilation of hadiths covering various themes of Islamic teachings, with scholarly insights and commentary.
  • Authored by the renowned Hadith scholar Imam Nawawi, known for his rigorous methodology and keen insight.
  • Offers English translation sensitive to both the language and the spirit of the original Arabic texts.
  • A versatile softcover book sized at 8x12 inches, offering a portable and comfortable reading experience.
  • Published by Darussalam, ensuring quality and a trustworthy representation of Islamic traditions.
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